About Us

Guangzhou Maishengli Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific technology enterprise, specialized in the design, R&D, production and sales of UV flatbed printers (direct manufacturer). We gather the Elites of UV Industry to UV Flatbed Printer series models, including Flat and round integrated machine 9060, 1613, 2513, 3220, a variety of brand print head and a variety of Scheme configuration.

Our products are in strict accordance with ISO9001 systems and CE standard for quality management, which lead to the high printing efficiency, high resolution and perfect printing effect. We offer a wide range of sizes of UV flatbed printers which are compatible with different materials, including plastic, metal, glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, leather, bamboo, wood and stone, etc.

Our printout gives a strong sense of touch and 3 Dimensional effects. The printout is durable, scratch resistant, waterproof, sunlight proof and glossy, and the color won't fade. Any material within 0.1mm-100mm can be put onto the printer and be printed.  Mserin UV printer is the first choice for industrial printing, personalized processing, home decoration and advertising design,etc.

According to the market requirements, our team has the comprehensive and many years of experience on UV printing industry .Breaking innovation, providing equipment selections for individual entrepreneur of industrial manufacturing and processing a complete sets of technical training solutions.

Our products are widely sold across the globe including Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, India, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, etc. We would like to invite you to be our distributor and share our success. We provide the best solutions to our partners to fulfill their needs in digital printing business.

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Our Advantages

With 8+ years of production and R&D experience, Mserin UV printers have more stable performance.

Ready to print, and low cost. Can be combined with a variety of output to support a variety of file formats.

One-piece printing, large-scale matching template printing. Even the smallest orders can be firmly grasped.

No need to make plates, achieve one printing, reduce production costs. Covering many fields such as building materials, home decoration, advertising, handicrafts, toys, leather, etc., to achieve true color customization of personalized graphics.

In order to be more outstanding than the competitors, we have long-term cooperation with Ricoh. With the advantages of fine ink droplets and high wear resistance, we are highly appraised and recognized by customers, combining high-precision nozzles with other accessories. The picture is more beautiful, the precision is higher, and the color is more beautiful.

Cooperate with American color management software for multiple debugging, seamlessly connect with Photoshop, Coreldraw, Ai and other software, support JPG, PNG, EPS, TIF and other image formats; support automatic typesetting, batch processing, unique The color-matching function makes the picture more beautiful, with higher precision and more colorful colors.