M-1209W UV Flatbed Printer

Short Description:

1. Various print head configurations, Epson i3200-u/Ricoh G5i.GXP600-PLUS

2. High-precision automation system;

3. Enhanced anti-collision system;

4. Using LED low temperature curing technology, the service life is longer and the energy consumption is lower;

5. Intelligent ink level alarm system;


Application :

Exhibition Display/Background Wall/Wood Printing/Metal Products/KT Board/Acrylic Label/Acrylic Lamp/Glass Background/Packaging Box/Art Gift/Mobile Phone Case

Product Detail



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Product parameter

Model M-1209-i3200U
Appearance Brown+grey
Negative pressure Yes
Rall Double rall
Color CMYK+Lc+Lm+White+Varnish
Printing Speed
printhead i3200U
Print Width 1240mm*940mm
Print Thinckness Plate printing thckness0.1mm~175mm(Ultra-high customizable)
Curing System LED UV Lights
Rip Software PHOTOPRLNT/Maintop/Riin Rip-honson
Negative pressure Ceramic,acrylic,wood,craft,glass/metal/crystal,leather,etc.
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ±10%
Temperature 20-32℃
Humidity 40-75%
Power 2500W
Appearance Size
Dat Transmission TCP/LP network interface
Net Weight 320kg

Equipment details

Imported Grag Chain

Suitable for high-speed movement , can greatly reduce the harness wear , immensely decrease noise by 30% while printing.

Vacuuming Platform

The dust suction platform adopts honeycomb aluminum structure, which is hard and corrosion resistant.

Epson I3200 Printhead

3200 print head 1-inch entry-level inkjet printing, 4 colors. The MEMS manufacturing process and the use of thin-film piezoelectric elements enable high-precision nozzle arrangement (600npi/2 rows) to be realized, making the print head compact, fast, high-quality, and durable.

Synchronous Printing of White Multicolor and Vanish

White, multicolor and vanish can be printed synchronously, largely increase the efficiency . Achieve various printing patterns horizontally and vertically Set the base and surface freely by white or multicolor.

Neatly and orderly wiring

Motor Servo High efficiency and energy saving, stable operation, low noise and low temperature

Silent drag chain, high-speed silent, not easy to break, not deformed, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion

Ink negative pressure and heating system provide stable ink pressure and ink fluency

THK rail

UV lamp

Voltage power supply at all levels

Precision screw

Neatly distributed electrical boxes

Available materials

Printing effect

ApplicationUV Printer Application Field

Exhibition display / Background wall / Wood printing / Metal products / KT board / Acrylic Labels / Acrylic Lamp / Glass background /Packaging box /Arts and crafts gifts / Mobile phone cases

Sample display

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  • What materials can UV printer print on?
    It can print almost all kinds materials, such as phone case, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, pen, golf ball, metal,ceramic, glass, textile and fabrics etc..

    Can LED UV printer print embossing 3D effect?
    Yes, it can print embossing 3D effect, contact us for more information and printing videos.

    Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating?
    Some material need pre-coating, such as metal, glass, etc.

    How can we start to use the printer?
    We will send the manual and teaching video with the package of the printer.
    Before use the machine, please read the manual and watch the teaching video and operate strictly as the instructions.
    We will also offer excellent service by providing free technical support online.

    What about the warranty ?
    Our factory provide one year warranty , except print head, ink pump and ink cartridges.

    What’s the printing cost ?
    Usually , 1 square meters need cost about $ 1 . Printing cost is very low.

    How can i adjust the print height ? how many height can print max?
    It can print max 100mm height product ,the printing height can be adjusted by software !

    Where can i buy the spare parts and inks ?
    Our factory also provide spare parts and inks , you can buy from our factory directly or other suppliers in your local market.

    What about maintenance of the printer ?
    About maintenance , we suggest to power on the printer once a day.
    If you don’t use the printer more than 3 days , please clean the print head with cleaning liquid and put in the protective cartridges on the printer ( protective cartridges are specially used for protect print head)

    Warranty: 12 months . When the warranty expired , technician support is still offered . Hence we offer lifelong aftersale service.

    Print service: We can offer you free samples and free sample printing.

    Training service: We offer 3-5 days free training with free accommodations in our factory , including how to use the software , how to operate the machine , how to keep daily maintenance , and useful printing technologies , etc.

    Installation service: On-line support for installation and operation . You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype , We chat etc. Remote control and on-site support will be provided upon request.

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