Multi Portable Size UV Printer Inkjet Flatbed Printing Machine With Rotary For Flat and Cylinder Bottle Relief 3D Embossed

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UV Flatbed printer Applications:

A. Decoration industry

B. Glass, Ceramic industry;

C. Advertising&Sign industry;

D. Furniture and personalized products etc.

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Technical Parameter

Model M-4030W Machine size/Packing size 960*590*520mm
Print area 40*30cm Voltage AC110V/AC220V、50/60Hz
Printhead EPSON XP 600 Power 200w
Printing way White and color at the same time Image format TIF JPG PDF
Print thickness 0-11cm Operating environment Temperature 18℃-35℃; humidity 40%-60%
Bottle material 2-9cm Gross Weight 75KG/100KG
print ng resolution 720*720dpi  720*1080dpi.720*1440dpi Color Type K+C+M+Y+WW
Print software Rui Cai Ultra Print Print Materia Aluminum plate, glass, chevron plate, ceramic tile, acrylic plate, KD plate cylinder material, etc.

Advanced technology, print white and color at the same time.

3 times faster speed.

Printing drop height is 5mm (2.5 times of other machines).

No printing stripe defect.

Part of the uv cylinder printer device, 1 is the ink cart nozzle. The rotation of the horizontal servo motor drives the curved substrate with a circular cross-section to rotate. The rotation control device of the Z-direction motor and the nozzle have a reasonable longitudinal distance. This structure expands the range of substrate types. In the structure of the uv cylinder printer, the servo motor controls the substrate to rotate at a constant speed, and the movement of the ink cart is synchronized with this, so that the nozzle can print on the substrate. To avoid the position offset problem encountered by manual printing, multi-color printing at one time avoids the problem of color registration. In the actual application process, these advantages are effectively combined with engraving, etching and other processes to improve the subjectivity of personalized product customization.
The market of uv cylindrical printer application is mainly based on the customization of end users, such as customized beverages and beverages of enterprises and companies, and customized beverages such as personal wedding banquets and college education. Of course, there are also solar tubes, water pipes, etc. with customized patterns. Basically, DIY color printing patterns on cylindrical products in daily life can be realized with this equipment.

UV printing form

UV printing is divided into three layers: relief layer, color layer and light layer. Strong printing adhesion, scratch resistance and wear resistance

High quality and high precision printing

Nozzle: TX800,

number of single nozzle holes: 1440 (180 in each row, 8 rows in total),

ink drop size: 5pl, higher printing accuracy

Printing runs more smoothly

All steel structure x-axis of transmission beam and guide rail adopts Japanese THK double linear guide rail transmission to ensure that the ink car runs more smoothly in the printing process

Import mute guide rail

High quality and high precision printing

Leadshine motor

Ink cartridges + ink shortage alarm system

UV Flatbed printer Applicable material:
The UV flatbed printer is used to print on glass, ceramic tile, PVC ceiling, aluminum sheet, wood MDF board, metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, paper board, foam board, PVC expansion board, corrugated cardboard, bamboo fiber board etc; and for flexible materials such as PVC, canvas, leather etc.

UV Flatbed printer Applications:

A. Decoration industry

B. Glass, Ceramic industry;

C. Advertising&Sign industry;

D. Furniture and personalized products etc.

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  • What materials can UV printer print on?
    It can print almost all kinds materials, such as phone case, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, pen, golf ball, metal,ceramic, glass, textile and fabrics etc..

    Can LED UV printer print embossing 3D effect?
    Yes, it can print embossing 3D effect, contact us for more information and printing videos.

    Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating?
    Some material need pre-coating, such as metal, glass, etc.

    How can we start to use the printer?
    We will send the manual and teaching video with the package of the printer.
    Before use the machine, please read the manual and watch the teaching video and operate strictly as the instructions.
    We will also offer excellent service by providing free technical support online.

    What about the warranty ?
    Our factory provide one year warranty , except print head, ink pump and ink cartridges.

    What’s the printing cost ?
    Usually , 1 square meters need cost about $ 1 . Printing cost is very low.

    How can i adjust the print height ? how many height can print max?
    It can print max 100mm height product ,the printing height can be adjusted by software !

    Where can i buy the spare parts and inks ?
    Our factory also provide spare parts and inks , you can buy from our factory directly or other suppliers in your local market.

    What about maintenance of the printer ?
    About maintenance , we suggest to power on the printer once a day.
    If you don’t use the printer more than 3 days , please clean the print head with cleaning liquid and put in the protective cartridges on the printer ( protective cartridges are specially used for protect print head)

    Warranty: 12 months . When the warranty expired , technician support is still offered . Hence we offer lifelong aftersale service.

    Print service: We can offer you free samples and free sample printing.

    Training service: We offer 3-5 days free training with free accommodations in our factory , including how to use the software , how to operate the machine , how to keep daily maintenance , and useful printing technologies , etc.

    Installation service: On-line support for installation and operation . You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype , We chat etc. Remote control and on-site support will be provided upon request.

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