Is the color registration of the uv flatbed printer inaccurate? The solution is?

The reasons for the white color alignment and inaccurate color registration of the uv flatbed printer are: the print head is never vertical, the print head is in an improper state, the height problem, the one-way adjustment is not good, and the software data parameter setting. The manifested features are pattern leakage, image shift and dislocation, etc.

1. The print head of the uv flatbed printer is never vertical

Solution: Check that the nozzle is not parallel, and physically calibrate the position to keep it vertical;

2. Improper state of uv flatbed printer nozzle

Solution: If the print head is in an improper state, the print head needs to be cleaned by pressure ink. After observing that the sprayed cleaning liquid is in the shape of a water curtain at intervals, it also means that the state of the print head has returned to normal, and you can continue printing;

3. The height problem of uv flatbed printer

Solution: The highest point of the standard UV flatbed printer is within 8 cm, but the 8 cm position and the 1 cm position print the same pattern, and the effect is appreciated that the latter will be better. On the premise of never scratching the print head, reduce the print height of the print head as much as possible, so that the printed pattern will get better and better;

4. The uv flatbed printer is not adjusted in one direction

Solution: It is caused by the wrong value of the parameters of the bidirectional printing of the equipment, contact the equipment manufacturer, inquire about the parameters of the bidirectional printing, open the printing control software, and enter the calibration;

5. Data adjustment of uv flatbed printer software

Solution: After the software runs for such a short time and there are too many data deposits, there will be correct instructions, printing errors, etc. At this time, it is necessary to clean up a large amount of irrelevant data in the cache. For example, after the data set in the software is modified, contact the manufacturer and restore the original value.

It should be noted that after the UV flatbed printer has been used for a few months, the data of various software may not be in place due to the operator’s daily maintenance, and errors will inevitably occur. You can back up various software in advance. Make a note, as long as there is a problem, you can reinstall it.


Post time: Sep-15-2022