MSERIN DPES Sign Expo China 2023 has ended in a satisfactory way in Guangzhou

The models of MSERIN participating in the exhibition include the UV table printer M-2513, the UV printer M-1016, the UV Cylinder printer M-6090, also has the Platform lifting 380mm A-9060 and  HD printer M-1800 etc., whether it is the board (acrylic/glass/corrugated paper/aluminum -plastic board/PVC, etc.)  can print test at the exhibition site. It also shows the re -upgrades of multi -UV printing application solutions such as white, color, optical and oil synchronous printing, color white color UV printing, personalized high gap printing, and linear motor. Short color, highly noticed.

China crafts UV printing machine

On the first day many people are coming to our D08 booth for inquiring, many customers were very interested on the M-9060 Cylinder printer , some customers also bring their bottle to test for this cylinder printer, those cylinder printer also can be for our M-6090 UV printer, we have two size cylinder fixtures to match our M-9060/M-6090 UV printer, if you have interested on that you can ask us for the bottle printing videos. so M-9060/6090 are very popular in our customers, some customes said we have the big platform UV printer now, then just want to buy small size to print all kinds of samples to meet our company’s needs. Meanwhile for those small UV printer just need small squares to place and also easy to install and printing, the most important thing the price is very competitive and worth demanding.

For this fair we also have A-9060 UV printer for platform lifting 380mm, one of customers who very interested on that because their products need big deepth 350mm and need load 30kg, so our A-9060 can fully meet his requirements, if you are interested on that you can ask us for the videos.

9060 Cylinder printer for bottle


With the diversification, personalization, and digital development of enterprise printing demand, MSERIN focuses on UV printing changes and advances with the times. It explores more than the road of innovation and development. Based on the different needs of customers, we will tirelessly improve the technology and optimize the plan. , Expand the product line. The UV printer products and solutions exhibited at this exhibition have achieved optimization and upgrading in many aspects such as speed, accuracy, stability, and application scope, refreshing competitiveness, and attracted the attention and recognition of high -quality customers in many industries.

With ingeniously created innovative products, diversified UV printing solutions, and high -quality and high -quality after -sales service, MSERIN brings a new value experience to users in various industries. MSERIN will still adhere to the concept of “creating value for customers”, continue to combine technological innovation with cost advantages. On the one hand, unremitting innovative products, on the other hand UV printing and integrated value -added services meet the diversified needs of customers, help customers increase the added value of the enterprise.

China glass UV printer

Guangzhou Maishengli Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise (direct manufacturer) specializing in the design, R&D, production and sales of UV flatbed printers. Our products are strictly managed in accordance with ISO9001 system and CE standard, with high printing efficiency, high resolution and perfect printing effect. Mai Shengli UV printer is the first choice for industrial printing, personalized processing, home decoration and advertising design.



Post time: Mar-02-2023