What is the cause of uv flatbed printer crash ?

uv flatbed printer in the process of operation when the crash do not panic, Mai Shengli to help you correctly analyze the specific situation, the reason why there will be a crash, mainly caused by the software system, mechanical failure, interference in the machine these three points. We share ideas on how to solve problems.

One: Software system

1.The software system is the command brain of the UV flatbed printer. You can imagine that the brain has a problem, can it run normally? The software problem occurs in the patchwork machine, so before operation, you should be familiar with the software system of the machine and carry out the correct operation mode.


Two: mechanical failure

1.The movement track of the flatbed printer nozzle trolley is blocked or the power is insufficient; This is rarely the case with new devices, but may occur with devices that have been around a little longer. The inspection method is to remove the motor belt, so that the sprinkler car is separated from the motor, and then push the car down by hand. If the movement is not smooth, the track or slider should be replaced, because the resistance to the car is larger at this time, which will lead to mechanical and electrical failure and crash.

2. Sprinkler motor failure; This kind of failure leads to more crash, universal printer nozzle motor is mainly divided into AC and DC 2 kinds. The AC type of failure is relatively less, commonly used for a little longer due to wear and tear resulting in crash. Dc type fault more, it will not only cause crash due to wear and tear, and there will be some unexpected failures, a headache.


Three: internal interference

The sources of interference to universal UV printer include external interference and internal interference. This is mainly to analyze the interference in the machine:

1. Data transmission interference: Data cables without shielding or with poor shielding function are prone to interference and lead to unstable work, so data cables with excellent performance and high quality should be used. In particular, optical fiber, although it has excellent dry winding resistance, is not suitable for the movement environment with frequent bending.

2. Spark interference: If the UV flatbed printer is easy to generate sparks, it will cause many unexpected failures.


Conclusion: Choose to buy UV flatbed printer, need to know more about its performance and parameters, so the frequency of failure will be greatly reduced, the machine in use should be more observation, once found abnormal phenomenon should be timely attention, and take timely measures to deal with, so as to minimize the loss.


Post time: Nov-08-2022