What is the reason for the abnormal motion of UV flatbed printer car?

uv flatbed printer through the car in the X axis and Y axis constant movement and inkjet nozzle, complete the pattern printing. The stable and accurate positioning of the printing car plays a key role in the printing effect.



In the process of moving the car, if it is found that the car is abnormal in the process of moving, abnormal noise, immobility or positioning error, it should be stopped for inspection.

Possible causes and solutions of abnormal movement or positioning of uv printer:


1, the guide beam level is wrong, the guide beam level needs to be adjusted;


2. There are sundries in the guide rail or beam, which need to be cleaned;


3. The lead rod has sundries, or the lead rod has cracks causing Y-axis movement or positioning errors;


4, belt fracture or aging, resulting in insufficient power supply, need to replace the belt;


5, the grating has sundries, causing positioning errors, cleaning the grating sundries, such as the grating system physical damage, need to replace the new grating system;


6. Contact the manufacturer for hardware errors such as control card board;


In addition, uv flatbed printing car motion positioning is automatically controlled by the system. When printing positioning and movement, do not push the car by hand, and control the car to move to the area to be printed by printing software. When shutting down, wait until the car returns to the initial position, to disconnect the power supply, do not disconnect in advance.


Post time: Oct-29-2022