OEM Factory for Wide Format Inkjet Printer - UV Flatbed Printer C+W+Varnish UV Printer for Phone Case, Glass,Cylinder Bottle Multi-layer Printing – Maishengli

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OEM Factory for Wide Format Inkjet Printer - UV Flatbed Printer C+W+Varnish UV Printer for Phone Case, Glass,Cylinder Bottle Multi-layer Printing – Maishengli Detail:

1. Good ink is the key to saving
For uv flatbed printers, you must use the original bai installed ink, do not use non-original ink cartridges, because most of the ink cartridges will contain sponges, and the sponges of non-original ink cartridges will have a lot of elution, and the stainless steel filter selected for the ink outlet cannot meet the standard , Often cause nozzle blockage, the consequences are immeasurable.
Second, the uv flatbed printer is set to save mode
When the ink cartridge is installed for the first time, the UV flatbed printer should be set to the saving mode. The number of inkjet inks that can be printed by one ink cartridge is uncertain. It depends on the inkjet method selected for the first use. If the UV flatbed printer ink cartridge is first installed, the photo mode is selected. So even if only a few photos are printed, the program still needs to calculate a little more ink consumption; if you choose the saving mode at the beginning, the program can calculate a lot less ink consumption and still show that there is more ink when the ink is almost consumed. the amount.
Three, choose the inkjet method carefully
The uv flatbed printer has designed a variety of printing methods according to the requirements of printing, and the amount of ink consumed for different printing methods is different. If you are only printing general documents, it is recommended to choose the “economical printing method”. This method can save nearly half of the ink and greatly increase the printing speed. Unless you specifically require printing accuracy, you have to choose a high-precision printing method.
Fourth, regular dust prevention and cleaning are essential
Maintenance of uv flatbed printer is very important. When the UV flatbed printer job is completed, the surface and interior of the UV flatbed printer must be cleaned, and when the UV flatbed printer is not used for a long time, the UV inkjet should be placed in a dry and dust-free room, and sun protection measures should be taken.





Black grey + medium grey


Ricoh G5i(2-8)/ Ricoh GEN5(2-8)


UV ink – blue – yellow • red ・ black ・ light blue – light red – white • varnish

Print speed 







Print width

2560mmx 1360mm

Print thickness


Curing system

LED UVlamp

Picture format


RIP Software


Available materials

Metal plate, glass, ceramic, wood board, textile, plastic, acrylic, etc

Power Supply

AC220V 50HZ±10%







Package size

Length / width / height : 3550mm/2150mm/1720mm

Product size

Length / width / height : 3368mm/1900mm/1475mm

Data transmission

TCP/IP network interface

Net weight


How to make UV flatbed printer print better
1. Operating skills  The use of UV flatbed printers is one of the factors that directly affect the printing effect, so bai operators must receive more professional training to get started, so that high-quality products can be printed. When consumers purchase UV flatbed printers, they can ask manufacturers to provide corresponding technical training guidance and machine maintenance methods.
2. Coating treatment Part of the printed material needs to be equipped with a special coating to print the pattern more perfectly on the surface of the material. The treatment of the coating is very important. The first point must be uniform, so that the coating can be uniformly colored; the second is to choose the right coating, which cannot be mixed. At present, the coating is divided into hand-wiping coating and spraying.
3. UV ink   UV flatbed printers need to use special uv ink, which is usually sold by manufacturers. The quality of UV ink will directly affect the printing effect, and different inks should be selected for machines with different nozzles. It is best to buy directly from the manufacturer or use the ink recommended by the manufacturer. Because the manufacturers and uv ink manufacturers have carried out various adjustments, there are inks suitable for the nozzle;
4. Material to be printed   The operator’s understanding of the material will also affect the printing effect. The UV ink itself will react with the printing material and will penetrate a certain percentage. Different materials have different degrees of penetration, so the operator’s familiarity with the printing material will affect the final printing effect. Generally, metals, glass, ceramics, wood boards and other high-density materials; ink is difficult to penetrate; therefore, it must be treated with coating
Fifth, the picture’s own factors  When the UV flatbed printer has no problem at all, it is necessary to consider whether it is the factor of the printed picture itself, if the picture itself has very ordinary pixels, then there must be no good printing effect. Even if the picture is refined, it cannot achieve higher quality printing results

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OEM Factory for Wide Format Inkjet Printer -  UV Flatbed Printer C+W+Varnish UV Printer for Phone Case, Glass,Cylinder Bottle Multi-layer Printing  – Maishengli detail pictures

OEM Factory for Wide Format Inkjet Printer -  UV Flatbed Printer C+W+Varnish UV Printer for Phone Case, Glass,Cylinder Bottle Multi-layer Printing  – Maishengli detail pictures

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What materials can UV printer print on?
It can print almost all kinds materials, such as phone case, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, pen, golf ball, metal,ceramic, glass, textile and fabrics etc..

Can LED UV printer print embossing 3D effect?
Yes, it can print embossing 3D effect, contact us for more information and printing videos.

Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating?
Some material need pre-coating, such as metal, glass, etc.

How can we start to use the printer?
We will send the manual and teaching video with the package of the printer.
Before use the machine, please read the manual and watch the teaching video and operate strictly as the instructions.
We will also offer excellent service by providing free technical support online.

What about the warranty ?
Our factory provide one year warranty , except print head, ink pump and ink cartridges.

What’s the printing cost ?
Usually , 1 square meters need cost about $ 1 . Printing cost is very low.

How can i adjust the print height ? how many height can print max?
It can print max 100mm height product ,the printing height can be adjusted by software !

Where can i buy the spare parts and inks ?
Our factory also provide spare parts and inks , you can buy from our factory directly or other suppliers in your local market.

What about maintenance of the printer ?
About maintenance , we suggest to power on the printer once a day.
If you don’t use the printer more than 3 days , please clean the print head with cleaning liquid and put in the protective cartridges on the printer ( protective cartridges are specially used for protect print head)

Warranty: 12 months . When the warranty expired , technician support is still offered . Hence we offer lifelong aftersale service.

Print service: We can offer you free samples and free sample printing.

Training service: We offer 3-5 days free training with free accommodations in our factory , including how to use the software , how to operate the machine , how to keep daily maintenance , and useful printing technologies , etc.

Installation service: On-line support for installation and operation . You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype , We chat etc. Remote control and on-site support will be provided upon request.

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