Why are UV printers all about the same speed?

First of all, the properties of the printhead itself determine the speed of printing. Common printheads on the market include Ricoh, Seiko, Kyocera, Konica, etc. The width of the printhead also determines its speed. Among all printheads, the Seiko printhead has a relatively high cost performance. , the speed is also in the upper middle, and the jetting force is relatively strong, which can adapt to the medium with a drop on the surface.

Why are UV printers all about the same speed?

Then, the arrangement is also a factor that determines the speed. The speed of each nozzle is fixed, but the order of arrangement can be staggered or multiple rows. The single row is definitely the slowest, the double row is double the speed, and the triple row is faster. The CMYK+W arrangement can be divided into straight arrangement and staggered arrangement, that is, the white ink and other colors are in a straight line. In that case, the speed will be slower than the staggered arrangement. Because the staggered arrangement can achieve the same color and white.

The last thing is the stability of the machine. How fast a car can drive depends on how good its braking system is. The same is true for UV flatbed printers. If the physical structure is unstable, failures will inevitably occur during the high-speed printing process, ranging from damage to the machine, or to the print head flying out, resulting in personal casualties.

Therefore, when purchasing UV printers, you must think twice and have your own subjective judgment.

Post time: Jun-29-2022