• Amazing color and texture of UV printer

    Recently, UV printing technology has attracted attention again, because of its excellent color and texture, it has become a popular choice in the advertising design and pattern printing industry. Compared with traditional inkjet printers, UV printers use special UV-curable inks to make printed im...
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  • uv printer related content

    UV printer is a printing device that uses ultraviolet curing ink for direct printing. Here are some relevant knowledge points about UV printers: Pigments and inks: UV printers use UV-curable inks that contain special pigments and resin components. The ink cures quickly and adheres to the printed...
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  • Innovative Technology Leads the Printing Revolution, UV Printer Ink Curing Technology Helps Industrial Upgrading

    In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of technology and the continuous expansion of printing demand, UV printer ink curing technology has gradually become the new favorite of the printing industry. The emergence of this innovative technology has brought revolutionary progress and infi...
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  • UV printer revolutionizes printing industry

     Guangzhou Meislin Technology Co., Ltd., a leading innovator in the UV printing industry, is paving the way for a new era of printing technology. UV printers are increasingly making headlines for their efficiency, speed and environmental friendliness. By utilizing UV curing technology, these...
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  • MSERIN DPES Sign Expo China 2023 has ended in a satisfactory way in Guangzhou

    MSERIN DPES Sign Expo China 2023 has ended in a satisfactory way in Guangzhou

    The models of MSERIN participating in the exhibition include the UV table printer M-2513, the UV printer M-1016, the UV Cylinder printer M-6090, also has the Platform lifting 380mm A-9060 and  HD printer M-1800 etc., whether it is the board (acrylic/glass/corrugated paper/aluminum -plastic board/...
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  • 27th DPES Sign Expo China&DPES Digital Textile Printing Technology Expo. China!

    The latest products will be released at the 27th DPES Sign Expo China & DPES Digital Textile Printing Technology Expo. Welcome to meet up with us on Feb.23-25. Mserin booth number is D08 in Hall 4, Looking forward to see you there and have a nice day!      
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  • New double head intelligent photo machine ink-jet printer

    New double head intelligent photo machine ink-jet printer

    Maishengli photo machine SC1800+S double nozzle, the maximum printing width up to 1850mm, with high printing speed, high precision, stable performance and other advantages, compatible with printing media, indoor back glue, pp paper, highlighter paper, indoor lamp, outdoor car stickers and other m...
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  • How to solve small mistakes in uv printer printing?

    There are always small mistakes of this kind in our daily production and life, and uv printers are no exception. As a mechanical device, it can work longer than humans, but it also has mistakes. This is not the case of uv printers. , but this kind of small mistake will have many factors, such as ...
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  • How does UV printer print relief effect?

    UV flatbed printer is widely used in many fields, advertising signs, home decoration, crafts processing and so on, any material plane can print beautiful patterns, this has been a commonplace, today talk about another powerful surface of UV flatbed printer: printing three-dimensional beautiful re...
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  • What is the cause of uv flatbed printer crash ?

    uv flatbed printer in the process of operation when the crash do not panic, Mai Shengli to help you correctly analyze the specific situation, the reason why there will be a crash, mainly caused by the software system, mechanical failure, interference in the machine these three points. We share id...
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  • What is the reason for the abnormal motion of UV flatbed printer car?

    uv flatbed printer through the car in the X axis and Y axis constant movement and inkjet nozzle, complete the pattern printing. The stable and accurate positioning of the printing car plays a key role in the printing effect.   In the process of moving the car, if it is found that the car i...
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  • How long can the pattern color of UV inkjet printing be kept?

    UV printing can meet the printing needs of high quality and high requirements in PVC, acrylic, advertising materials, metal, glass, leather, ceramics, wood, cloth and other industries. When using a UV printer to print a pattern, customers may worry about fading and how long the pattern color can ...
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