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  • New double head intelligent photo machine ink-jet printer

    New double head intelligent photo machine ink-jet printer

    Maishengli photo machine SC1800+S double nozzle, the maximum printing width up to 1850mm, with high printing speed, high precision, stable performance and other advantages, compatible with printing media, indoor back glue, pp paper, highlighter paper, indoor lamp, outdoor car stickers and other m...
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  • What is the cause of uv flatbed printer crash ?

    uv flatbed printer in the process of operation when the crash do not panic, Mai Shengli to help you correctly analyze the specific situation, the reason why there will be a crash, mainly caused by the software system, mechanical failure, interference in the machine these three points. We share id...
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  • What is the reason for the abnormal motion of UV flatbed printer car?

    uv flatbed printer through the car in the X axis and Y axis constant movement and inkjet nozzle, complete the pattern printing. The stable and accurate positioning of the printing car plays a key role in the printing effect.   In the process of moving the car, if it is found that the car i...
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  • How long can the pattern color of UV inkjet printing be kept?

    UV printing can meet the printing needs of high quality and high requirements in PVC, acrylic, advertising materials, metal, glass, leather, ceramics, wood, cloth and other industries. When using a UV printer to print a pattern, customers may worry about fading and how long the pattern color can ...
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  • What is the reason and solution for the XYZ axis of the uv flatbed printer cannot be reset?

    In our daily use of UV flatbed printers, there will be more or less failures, which are unavoidable, and there will be some problems with the parts of the machine during long-term use. Maishengli will share with you that the XYZ axis of the UV flatbed printer cannot be reset and the solution. The...
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  • Is the color registration of the uv flatbed printer inaccurate? The solution is?

    The reasons for the white color alignment and inaccurate color registration of the uv flatbed printer are: the print head is never vertical, the print head is in an improper state, the height problem, the one-way adjustment is not good, and the software data parameter setting. The manifested feat...
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  • Causes and solutions of ink flying in flatbed printers

    Flatbed printers are prone to ink flying due to improper operation during the working process. The flying ink will damage the appearance of our products and reduce the quality of the products. So in the daily operation process, how should we operate correctly to prevent the phenomenon of ink flyi...
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  • Several reasons and solutions for uv printer nozzles failing to eject ink

    1. The software printhead voltage is missing If the nozzle is burned out, replace it with a new nozzle; if the nozzle plate is faulty, replace it with a new nozzle voltage board. 2. The nozzle communication is missing and the network cable is loose Check the position of the interface of the uv pr...
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  • How to understand the real printing speed of uv flatbed printer

    There are three main misunderstandings about the speed of UV flatbed printers: theoretical speed, speed in different modes, and actual production speed. What needs to be understood is that the speed in most sales outlets only refers to the theoretical speed, and a small number of professionals wi...
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  • How long is the service life of UV inkjet printing? Will it fade?

    Factors affecting the service life of UV inkjet printing   1. The UV spray painting surface will be irradiated by strong ultraviolet rays for a long time, which will cause the UV spray painting to fade;   2. Substances containing redox properties have changed the chemical structure of the uv in...
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  • How to avoid UV printer printing effect deviation?

    In recent years, more and more users choose to use UV printers, and the industry applications are becoming more and more extensive. How to print the best results is the most concerned issue for every user. In the industry, problems such as printing colors that are not bright, printing flying ink ...
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  • Precautions for the installation of ink path of uv flatbed printer

    Precautions for the installation of ink path of uv flatbed printer

    uv驱动电路的主要安装分为安装部分,一是电路的,二是墨管的安装,三是安装后的调试和测试。 1、将UV平板发射器,根据喷头上署名的电源,将不同的平面一线位置插上。 2、将扁扁线插入打印头内板,打印头接缝处22无打印纺布,打印时头产生飞墨,阻止液体直接进入打印头内部打印头。 墨管安装...
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