How to avoid UV printer printing effect deviation?

In recent years, more and more users choose to use UV printers, and the industry applications are becoming more and more extensive. How to print the best results is the most concerned issue for every user. In the industry, problems such as printing colors that are not bright, printing flying ink and drawing are called printing effect deviation. What is the reason? In fact, there are many reasons for the deviation of the effect of the universal printer. Some reasons are listed below: printer balance performance, printer color software settings, printing nozzles and inks, printing materials, printing image resolution, printing environment, etc.


1. Balanced performance of UV printers

UV printer manufacturers generally need to parallelize the datum plane in the process of producing the main frame. At present, only a large range of UV flatbed printer manufacturers on the market will carry out gantry milling and multiple milling cutters to process the surface to ensure the degree of plane and inclined plane. After the frame has been milled by the gantry, the frame is assembled on the assembly platform, which can avoid the downward loosening of the frame, guide rails and other components during the movement process, and ensure the stable operation of the equipment and small errors. The frame head will have a set Complete assembly process.


2. UV printer nozzle and ink

Generally speaking, after years of research and development on the machine itself, UV printer manufacturers will have corresponding nozzles and inks with better printing effects. Many users may use the ones provided by the manufacturers in the early stage, and then use other channels for various reasons after they are familiar with the equipment in the later stage. Purchase, but do not know that the printed effect will be biased, resulting in a greater possibility of lost orders and more serious losses.


3. Picture quality printed by UV printer

Generally, when we print pictures on UV printers, we will ask customers to provide pictures. In order to ensure the printing effect, the requested pictures must be high-definition, and the resolution should be adjusted. Before printing, the technicians also need to check the pictures in advance.


4. UV printer software settings

 Before printing materials on the UV printer, the software printing settings are required for the materials. The technicians set the PASS printing, optimization settings, and ink volume settings for different materials based on their own practical experience.


5. UV printer printing material

 If the user needs the UV printer to print the material itself that is absorbent, frosted, uneven, and dark in color, it will naturally affect the printing effect during printing. If the provided material is dark in color, it can be considered before printing. Layer white ink, the effect will be better.


Due to the many reasons involved, we need to check the possible problems one by one when encountering the above problems to ensure the best printing effect.


Post time: Jul-02-2022